Somebody stop me...

I found this online auction site for baby products a few months ago. At the time I didn't really see anything interesting, but I'd pop in now & then to see what was there.

And then a couple weeks ago I saw somebody selling Baby Beehinds cheap...and it's all gone downhill from there. We had two new Beehinds that I bought on eBay a few months ago; we now have five with another four on the way. I couldn't help myself. They're used, but I'm not bothered by that. A good wash and a day in the sun will kill anything that might be left behind.

I don't even wanna give the URL out for fear that somebody else will beat me to the bargains. Now that's pathetic.


Oh yes, and I'm never using disposables again. Even on trips, now that we have all these fitted ones, and wool covers and things, there's not much need. The only time I can envision using disposables is if we were to lose our minds and try another 10-hour trip to Port Lincoln (or somewhere of similar distance) with an 11 week old baby.


Yeah, so I got to the end of yesterday, and Darrin came to bed a little while after me, and then I realised...oh, I didn't blog today. And momentarily thought of getting up to blog for a few minutes, till my sensible side talked me out of it.

So this is a blog about forgetting to blog. I'll try to post something more substantial later.


So before this trip to the US can materialize, we have to go to Melbourne and get Caleb's Consular Report of Birth and his passport. Thus, here are our tentative plans for a trip there in the October school holidays.

Saturday 27th September: Leave home, drive to Horsham, Victoria, and stay the night.

Sunday 28th September: Horsham to Ballarat. See the Grampians.

Monday 29th September: Ballarat to Melbourne. Stay in Melbourne till Friday 3rd October. During this time, Darrin wants to go driving on some freeways, and I want to visit USA Foods and get some Dr Pepper, and of course we have to do Caleb's paperwork as well.

Friday 3rd October: Leave Melbourne and drive to Geelong along the Great Ocean Road.

Saturday 4th October: Geelong to Warrnambool.

Sunday 5th October: Warrnambool to Mount Gambier, where we'll finally get to check the Mount Gambier Fasta Pasta off our list (and we will have been to nearly all the South Australian ones).

Monday 6th October (Labour Day): Mount Gambier to home.

We didn't plan that one very well....

So today was our dual birthday barbecue thingy. We told all the people we wanted to invite once. And that was it, basically. We told some of them a time, and others none. So we ended up having two mini-parties when the others showed up three hours later.

Yeah, so I think we'd better be more organised in two months when it's Caleb's turn for a birthday party....

I even BOUGHT a cake yesterday for $26 and forgot about it till almost everyone left. So we put it in the freezer and we'll use it for Caleb's birthday.

Oh, and everyone brought us chocolate. My teeth are rotting just at the thought of it....

Is it cheating if I write a post the day before and set it to publish at midnight?

{mosimage}Who cares. I'm doing it.

Anyway. This post is about a particular goal I've decided to tackle for this year. Given that we have a growing boy, and plans to take a major trip in a couple years that's gonna cost a lot of money, and many other reasons (which I'll get to in a minute), I've decided I'm only going to buy the following clothing items new:

  1. Socks
  2. Shoes
  3. Underwear

Everything else I'm going to get from op shops, garage sales, or gasp make them myself if I can't find anything suitable.

I HATE clothes shopping. I have to be in the right kind of mood for it, and then I go nuts. And I hate the kind of styles that are popular now, which, sadly, are the only things in the shops. And it's really hard to go into a fitting room with a baby in a pram, and even harder if said baby is in a sling. So I'm just not gonna bother anymore unless I have to.

I've also decided I'm sick of buying cheap clothes made in China (or Bangladesh, or wherever) that wear out in a month. Plus I'm not exactly comfortable with the fact that buying those clothes supports dodgy businesses who'd prefer to get children in sweatshops to do their dirty work rather than pay adults a decent wage to do it.

Ah, and I'm typing this in the admin section again, so I better copy & paste this somewhere else in case it's timed me out again....

So far behind...

So I was surfing around MySpace today (yeah, I know I said I wouldn't sign up again, but I did, because I have a friend or two who blog there & have their blogs set private). And going through people's friends lists, and found Lost Dogs, and Terry Scott Taylor, and Swirling Eddies, and Randy Stonehill...

It's been so long since I bought any music other than Weird Al that I didn't realise that any of them might have new stuff out. I thought all my favourite artists had quit recording, but no, the Lost Dogs have at least two more albums since the last one I bought. Heck, I haven't even been to Koorong (local Christian bookstore) in about two years, maybe longer. So I don't even know if they'd be stocked here, but I'm guessing not.

Yeah, so basically anybody who wants to get on my good side, just send me any CDs by those artists released after 2003, and you'll make me VERY happy.

That Christmas post.

Okay, so I promised a post about Caleb's first Christmas.

Um, well, the typical stuff you'd expect from a 9-month-old happened. He liked the paper and the boxes better than what was in them. He climbed onto one of the packages and fell off. Tried to eat the wrapping paper off of anything. Pulled the Christmas tree over on himself once.

We stayed home on Christmas Eve and had our own little thing, with over-roasted turkey and mashed potatoes and corn and I might've put some other veggies on, but I can't remember. Then we opened the presents kind of early-ish, for two reasons: one, because I figured Caleb would be getting tired before too long, and two, because when I was a kid, I hated having to wait for it.

Christmas morning we left for Nan's House (aka Darrin's mum's house). And Caleb opened more presents, and tried to eat the paper, and nearly fell off the box he climbed onto. And kept dropping his new bowl & spoon onto the tiled floor. That was a deafening noise. He loved it.

And Mum & Dad ate too much, and then Dad & Tyron &Uncle Craig played Quake, and Caleb took a nap on Mum at the other end of the house. And he had a bath in Nan's big bathtub, and loved splashing around, standing up against the side, sitting down again *splash*. And then (eventually) went to bed.

Boxing Day morning, we all got up, had some breakfast, sat around chatting, Caleb played with toys, Craig & Jodi & Tyron left for home, Caleb took a nap, he woke up, then we came home via Greenock so Dad could look at some roadworks.

The end (ish).


Yep, so the baby's asleep, and I have a little time to do whatever I want, and today just happens to be one of those days where I don't feel like doing ANYTHING. Except watch Heroes. But I'm not, because Darrin would throw me out of the house if I started up again without him. But he's not addicted, oh no. Just ask him.

Anyway, yeah. Don't feel like reading, or sewing, or knitting, or playing computer games, or anything really. But I ended up bringing in the washing & putting it all away because I figured if I didn't do it now, I wouldn't be able to later. And I had lunch. And looked up some information online about Heroes. And stumbled across some spoilers which I ran away from screaming because I don't want to ruin the next six episodes I haven't seen yet. And all I can say is, those screen writers & producers & everyone better get things rolling, because if they've left us hanging after episode 11, I'm gonna pull a Jessica.

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