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Once upon a time, two geeks from opposite sides of the world met on the internet. They got to be friends. Then they got to be more than friends, but they wouldn't admit it to anyone except themselves - not even to each other. But everybody knew it anyway.

This went on for six long years, till finally, the Aussie decided to hop on a plane and suss out the American, under the guise of "visiting a few friends in America." He decided he liked what he saw, and so did she. They awkwardly began a courtship, which gradually became less awkward as they got used to each other and the idea of even being in a relationship in the first place.

After a couple of years, they got married. The American moved to Australia, and almost melted in the stinking hot summer in a flat with no air conditioning. Then she almost froze to death in the winter, in a house with too many window gaps and not enough heat. They bought a house, had kids, got cats, got chickens, and then moved to a better house in a suburb that a lot of people think is dodgy (and so did they) but they actually have some great neighbours. That's a whole story in itself, and has God's fingerprints all over it.
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