So we're going off on an orienteering trip this weekend to Wilpena Pound. You may recall we went there two years ago and I got lost on the third event (but eventually worked out where I was, otherwise you probably wouldn't be hearing from me right now).

This time, of course, we'll have a toddler with us as well. And despite our best efforts to do elimination communication (that is, reading your baby's signs and catching what the nappy usually would - we did really good with poos till he started to crawl, and then he didn't want to sit still on the potty anymore), he's still in nappies. And months ago I got tired of buying disposables for every trip out, because it was getting expensive, so a couple times when I was feeling really desperate to get some, I went to Nappies Covered and bought materials to make my own instead. I also bought some second hand Baby Beehinds through Buy For Baby. Long story short, we now have seven nappies that I made, plus nine Baby Beehinds.

So where am I going with this? My point is that we have a pretty good stash of modern cloth nappies now, and frankly, I don't see the need for disposables. And, yeah, okay, so I wanna be able to say "Ha!" to those of you who think I'm crazy for taking cloth nappies on holiday. I'm up for the challenge.

To make things easier for the weekend, I've ceased using all our fitted nappies for the time being (this means I may have to change him overnight tonight, but I need to do that about once a week anyway). The last four are hanging on the rack in the kitchen air drying, and if the weather is nice-ish tomorrow, I'll move the rack outside for the day, or at least part of the day. If I'm lucky enough to get Caleb to sleep in the afternoon, I might bring the rack into the lounge room and sit it in front of the heater with the fan on it for a while to help dry them quicker.

Friday night we're staying with Darrin's mum in Riverton, since she's right on our way. She has her own set of nappies, which we use every time we're up there. We also have two of hers which Caleb wore home once when we didn't have a spare one of our own to put him in. Those are dry, so he'll be wearing those on the way up tomorrow night.

In the suitcase will be all sixteen fitted nappies plus twelve terry flats. The plan is to use the terries while we're in the caravan we're staying in, except for the standard overnight nappy - a bamboo Baby Beehinds with an overnight booster and wool cover. (Just my luck, though - yesterday's morning poo leaked out the back of the nappy and onto the wool cover and his pajamas, so I had to wash & re-lanolise the cover today.) The rest of the fitteds we'll reserve for going out to the events. Hopefully this way we'll have enough to last us through Sunday afternoon, at which time I'll wash a load. Then we shouldn't have any trouble getting back to Riverton (or even home) with a few clean ones to spare.

And! I drove down to Nature's Cradle today (boy, this post is getting to be just one big link-fest) and bought the following:

  • Baby Beehinds wool cover (we only had one and he's getting close to filling it out, so it's the next size up)
  • Eenies flushable liners (because I really don't want to be cleaning a nappy in a foreign toilet, and it wouldn't look very good if we were using the caravan park's garden hose to do so)
  • A third Baby Beehinds overnight booster

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