Today is Anniversary #3.

We've made a dent in the pile of junk in the "long room" - enough to put together a spare bed, so we now have room for people to stay over. They can't do much else in the room, but they can sleep there. As long as there's not a cat on it. Calico seems to think it's HER bed.

All the books are put away now. Most of Darrin's maps are also put away. So we have this box of flattened boxes sitting outside waiting to go in the recycling bin.

And I've started hanging a few things on the walls. Not that we had that much to begin with. Time to get some of our photos printed and get some picture frames.

And the big apricot tree has pretty much finished fruiting. There might be a few left, but most of the fruit on there has been partially eaten by birds, so it's pretty much useless to us now.

The other day I SAW my belly move when the baby kicked.

We were supposed to turn in our keys on Friday but we haven't been able to contact the landlady. So who knows what's happening with all that. But we've got all our stuff out, including our ceiling fan (which is probably going up in the dining room), and cancelled the contents insurance for the old place.

We have not left the house for a significant period of time since Thursday. The only trips either of us has taken is across the road to pick up snacks. And now we're on our way to Hogsbreath Cafe for anniversary steaks and possibly Cold Rock for ice cream after. Mmmmm....

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