Observations on life.

Drat, I had two of them but now I can only remember one...

And it's this. You know those little yellow signs that people hang in the back windows of their cars? Lately I've seen a lot of the "Baby on board" ones. Now be honest...does having that sign on your car REALLY mean anything to the other idiots driving around you? Are they REALLY likely to be more responsible in their driving just because you've got a cheap plastic sign in your window?

I almost titled this post "Baby on board" but I thought that would give people the wrong impression. ;-)

Anyway. It was HOT today. 42.5 degrees celsius, which Lifey says is 108.5 farenheit. So like I said, HOT. First 40+ day for the summer, not likely to be the last either. But it's perfect weather for hanging clothes outside. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Honestly, once last summer I was hanging clothes out on a really hot, dry day, and by the time I finished hanging the last ones, the first ones were almost dry. After TEN MINUTES. Takes a bit of getting used to after Wisconsin's warm, humid, thunder stormy summers.

Note to self: when you buy a house later this year, try to get one with a swimming pool in the back yard.


1. The "We're aunties" line in the last entry was kind of a joke. We had a niece so we're aunties. If we'd had a nephew, we'd be uncles. See?

2. Yes, this site was targeted again last week. I never saw the "weird page" that they put on instead, but Darrin said it was just some guys bragging about being able to get in. They didn't really do any damage. Things are (obviously) fixed again. Now I realise they didn't do any harm and they're just showing off, and that showing off is an essential part of male-ness, but personally I think when it gets to breaking people's things it's a bit too far.

3. The Mambo book module I installed at the start of the move has a new version which actually works. So you know I'll be putting all our books/DVDs/CDs into the database over the next few weeks.

4. For some reason the archives module is showing up on most pages but not the front page. Have looked in the configuration and can't figure out why this is. Still, it's at least partly working now, which is better than not at all.

5. Merry Christmas. Late for Australia, but no matter.

We're aunties!

Darrin & I became aunties yesterday morning at 10:43 or something like that.

Ditanyia Rosina-Lee Hansen is the daughter of Michael Smith & Naomi Hansen, 2.4kg (5 pounds 4 ounces), and although she's a month early, we're told she's doing really well for her age, and that she has black curly hair (which Naomi should be happy about, since last week she was saying "I just hope she has hair").

We plan to go visit them in the hospital tomorrow afternoon. We MAY get pictures, but won't post them without her parents' consent. So I can't promise you'll see them if we get any.

Blah blah blah.

Darrin just noticed that I hadn't posted anything in eleven days. So here we go. The last eleven days in a nutshell. For reasons of brevity and boredom prevention, this is just the stuff I did apart from work, sleep, and boring everyday things.

Friday 2 December: Darrin & I helped Josh break in his new extended Lord of the Rings DVD set. Continued into Saturday.

Sunday 4 December: Went to Fasta Pasta for lunch. Went to JB Hi-Fi & bought Red Dwarf 7. Spent the rest of the day watching it.

Monday 5 December: Watched Mythbusters. Not much else.

Tuesday 6 December: Went shopping at Tea Tree Plaza. Went to work. Came home. Went out to Genghis for tea.

Wednesday 7 December: Not much. Nothing I can remember, anyway.

Thursday 8 December: Went to Darrin's brother's 27th birthday party. Finally met his girlfriend after hearing about her for a year.

Friday 9 December: Saw the new Harry Potter movie.

Saturday 10 December: Went grocery shopping. Did a lot of baking.

Sunday 11 December: Was 38 degrees. Stayed inside all day watching Firefly, till around 6:30 when we got hungry & tried out a new chicken shop. It's ok, but I like our usual one better.

Monday 12 December: The "change" came through sometime in the early morning. You could tell by the way the ground was all wet from the rain. Watched an episode of Veronica Mars because I'd heard it was good. I guess it's good, but the episode didn't really grab me.

Tuesday 13 December: Out to Genghis again. Not a lot else.

Show me the mon...whoops, I already used that quote.

Tomorrow is my last day cleaning the hill rooms at the school. Monday I'm moving into the main building, which is really good for me since I'm not used to Adelaide summers yet and I figure having a constant temperature is better than going in & out of air conditioned buildings for two hours. Plus it's an extra half hour (and thus extra money) every day, so I ain't gonna complain about that little detail.

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