Things just keep coming together.

This morning I passed a written driving test at Transport SA across the road, and received a South Australia driver's license. Right now it's just a piece of paper, but in about ten days, I'll get my photo license in the mail. Yippee. This will make it MUCH easier to identify myself when I need to. Right now, I need my passport for photo ID, a bank statement for proof of address, and marriage license for proof of the name change. Sheesh. And once my photo license arrives, I'm going to send my passport off to Melbourne to get my name changed in that as well. So I'm finally able to simplify my life since the arrival of the visa yesterday.

Now if I could just track down my Medicare letter...

Episode seven

This morning I looked over my shoulder & saw a flash of bright green & orange, the colors the scooter mail carriers wear. He knocked on the door, and since I'm expecting a package from my mom, I thought it was that. But instead he held out a large yellow envelope and asked me to sign for it. The return address didn't look familiar, and it didn't have a NAME of a place on there, just the post office box in the city. So I signed, shut the door, and opened it, and out came one of those page protector things holding the birth certificates, marriage certificate, wedding invitation, and pictures we'd submitted to DIMIA for the visa application. Um, okay. That's it? So I looked back in the envelope to see if there was a letter or something explaining why they sent these back, and there was. And it states this:


I refer to your application for permanent residence and I am pleased to advise that the following person(s) included in your application have been granted a Partner (Temporary) (Class UK) Visa subclass 820 on 20 May 2004.


And a bunch of other stuff about working, social security, Medicare, etc.

So anyway. Bottom line, I'm legal for the next 2 years. And there was much rejoicing (yay).

Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Pet peeve #3

I would just like to say that I am fully, totally, completely sick of everybody and his dog spoofing that Master Card ad. You know which one I'm talking about. "There are some things money can't buy. For everything else there's Master Card."

Yes, it was clever advertising, and apparently effective, but enough's enough.

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