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As you can see, I've added a couple new features to the comments. Firstly I've upgraded the comment component (and done it properly this time). Second, I've installed a bot that shows ON THE FRONT PAGE how many comments are attached to a certain post. And last, I've put in a module on the right with the five latest comments, so you can all know who's posted last, and whether there's been any comments since the last one you posted.

Yeah, it's yet another rant. Suffer.

You know, I'm getting sick to death of going into cool-sounding websites and finding out they need Flash to show you anything. EARTH TO EVERYONE: Flash is bloated crap. Accept it and use something else in your website. It's really not that hard, and it'll make it a heck of a lot easier for everyone to view your site, whether they do or don't currently use flash.

Note to Opie (and others like him): Your site is fine. I can still READ your site. The Flash on your site isn't an essential part of the page, it's just a decoration (as far as I can tell anyway). It's when things like government websites use a Flash application to display a clickable map, when it's much more effective (and probably looks about the same) doing it without.

See, I don't actually have Flash installed in my browser. The Flash plugin for FreeBSD doesn't exactly work reliably. So we don't bother. So all I see when I load a Flash page is a grey box. This means no YouTube (which is pretty much a wasteland anyway, so I don't mind that) and no e-card sites, among other more important things, like certain government websites.

Okay, now that I've got that out of my system, I'm off to the toilet and then back to bed.

Note to self.

So Darrin just upgraded software on the web server, and one of the packages was SQL-Ledger, the web based finance program I use to, uh, keep track of finances (who'd have thunk?) Anyway, this is a note to tell myself to remember that when the 11th of March comes along and we have two recurring transactions on the same day, pay attention to whether or not they're duplicated, because I had three come up today and they all did. I knew something was wrong when one of our accounts showed $200 in the hole....

It may just be something to do with the leap day, but we can't tell at this point.

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