Our baby has a name.

Ethan Charles Smith.

According to www.babynames.com.au, Ethan means 'firm and strong.' Which is definitely what we've noticed since he's been born. His neck muscles are amazingly strong for a newborn - as in, he was lifting his head the same day he was born.

And Charles? I don't know that I've told the full story here yet, so here goes.

A friend introduced us to the TV show Chuck, about a computer geek who inadvertently downloads government secrets into his brain, so he has to learn how to be a real spy. We really liked it, and so over a weekend watched way too many episodes in a row. Caleb decided he really liked shouting 'Chuck!'

So not long after this, Caleb and I were at a playground with one of the homeschool groups we catch up with. I was about 20 weeks pregnant at the time, and probably only just barely showing, so nobody in that group really knew yet. So Caleb blurts out 'Mum's growing a baby' and there were congratulations and all that like you'd expect. But then he blurted out 'Our baby's gonna be called Chuck!' Ah, no, I don't think so!

But we started calling the baby Chuck anyway as an 'in utero' name. And you can guess what happened from there. We've been calling him Chuck since he was born. And last night I was searching through the baby name book, desperately trying to find a middle name to go with Ethan, and thought 'bah, why don't we just call him Chuck? He IS Chuck!' Because there were a few names that sounded good, but nothing that really felt quite right. I told Darrin and he suggested Ethan Charles (as he had a few days ago, and I turned my nose up at it). So Ethan Charles he is.

But we're still calling him Chuck. At least now the Chuck makes sense with the rest of his name. ;-)

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