Hello Chuckie!

Baby Chuck was born safely at home at 2:31 am on Tuesday 25th October. Measurements as of today, at 6 days of age: 4750 grams (10 pounds 7 ounces), 59 cm long (23 inches), 39 cm head circumference (15 inches). Yeah, ouch is right.

Everyone's happy & healthy, and the photos are here if you want to have a look at him. And I'm enjoying being able to bend in the middle again. ;-)

An official name is yet to be decided but I reckon Chuck is going to stick as a nickname for the rest of his life. ;-)


Baby clothes clean and put away: check
Big box of disposables for the first few weeks: check
Cloth nappies clean and stacked at the change table: check
Car seat installed: check
Time off work arranged: check
Freezer(s) stocked full of easy food for Darrin to organise: check
Lots of fresh fruit for quick snacks: check
Baby names decided: um, let's come back to that one. Baby Chuck is fine for a nickname, but it's not going on the birth certificate.
Birth support organised: check

Now all we need is a baby!

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