The Commode is dead. Long live the Commode! *

Yep, you read that right. The car we bought four and a half years ago has finally bitten the dust. Or near enough. Darrin was driving back from orienteering yesterday afternoon and the radiator sprung a leak. (Hmm, our last car died coming back from orienteering too. Coincidence? Anyway....) So he crawled back to Riverton after adding more water (we were staying with his mum for the weekend) and he & John looked at it this morning. Yep, there's a leak. And now comes an interesting little tip for a leaky radiator: pepper. Pour it into the radiator and apparently it plugs the hole long enough for you to get it home/to a repairer/somewhere you can deal with it. So they poured pepper in (and I could really smell it when I was out there!) and with that, or the cooler day, or both, we were able to get it home in one piece without anything exploding.

It's 20 years old, so really not worth fixing. So now begins the process of talking to the bank to see how much of a loan they'll give us for a new(er) one. That or refinance the house, because the land value at least has gone up since we bought the property. We've currently got our eye on a 2007 Suzuki SX4 AWD. Caleb said we should get a red car, so, you know, we're not ones to disappoint our son. ;-)

Of course, if we get that one, I'll finally have to learn how to drive a manual properly....

* Intentional typo. Because it's, well, crap.

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