Knee high by the fourth of...December?!

Yes, we have sweet corn growing in our back yard. And despite the temperatures rising to as high as 44.1, it's doing really well. A couple of the plants are already knee high.

Also have some capsicum plants and one (out of six planted) bean plant. The cucumber plants all died within a couple days of planting. And there's a couple new potato plants coming up as well.

And...somehow a peach seed managed to find fertile enough ground within a metre of my compost heap. So I've got the one I planted last autumn, and now another much smaller one. Go figure.

Modern pet peeve

So I read a lot of blogs, and because of this, I have all the ones that use RSS (really simple syndication) come to me through a feed reader. And it really bugs me that certain ones only have a summary of whatever the new post is about (first few lines or whatever) rather than the entire post. The whole point of reading blogs in a feed reader is so you DON'T have to go to each web page individually.

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