I have a sewing room.

So I've been getting sick of having so little space to do stuff, and at the same time, been getting sick of tripping over Caleb's toys everywhere. I had my sewing machine on a corner table inside an old playpen (because it's really not helpful to have a toddler playing with the foot pedal while I'm trying to thread a needle), and once Caleb worked out how to get up on the spare bed in that room, I had to block off that end of the room anyway because the ironing board & iron were blocked off by the bed. And I've been thinking about it for several days, and trying to work out how to do it, and I finally came up with a plan. Divide the Long Room in half and put my sewing room at the far end, and Caleb's toys at the other end. So first I had to dismantle the double bed and stand it up against one wall. Then of course the playpen wouldn't stay where it was, so I had to drag in the shelves that I was going to use for a divider. And then I realised they were too tall for me to climb over. Oops. No problem. That little set of drawers is low enough. So I climbed over that, took down the playpen, moved my sewing table into the corner, and moved the drawers up against the wall. And then I needed to work out what else I could use for a divider to replace the drawers, so that Caleb couldn't get through but I could. The folded up playpen. Which also allows the cats to get through it and hide if they're feeling the need for personal space. So then I put all Caleb's toys in the new Toy Room end of the room, and then he decided to have a nap for the first time in I can't remember how long. Ahhhh...a break.

So yeah, new sewing room, new toy room, and clean rest of the house. Mostly.

History repeating itself.

So. I used to get so annoyed when I was a kid that none of the cool items with your name on them had MY name. Darrin tells me it was the same way with his name (they were all for Darren). And now we've named our son Caleb, and guess what? They've got all the newfangled names & spellings like Jayden and Ashleigh and probably even Blanket, but no Caleb.

Ah well. I know of at least two other Calebs around the place sort of close to our Caleb's age, so maybe in a few years we'll have some Caleb stuff. Not that it really matters when it comes right down to it though. He knows he's Caleb, we know he's Caleb, he doesn't need his name written on everything to tell him who he is.


So. Four weeks till the new season of Heroes begins. Darrin & I just finished re-watching season 2 last night, and I gotta say, I think I'm going to be suffering some serious withdrawal over the next month. I might even have to start from the beginning and watch them all through AGAIN. Or actually take the time to look at the online graphic novels and whatever else is out there. Now that we've raised our download quota there's really no excuse, is there?

One outta three.

Darrin found the remotes for the DVD player &; VCR. So now we can pass them on to someone if we choose to. But alas, still no sign of my gloves or the hinges. On the hinges though, I went out and bought another set of them, got home, looked at them, looked at the door, realised they're the wrong kind. We need hinges that go on the OUTSIDE of the door, not the inside. How annoying.

And today's new word is...

Open. He'll bring over the Lego box or some food container and say "Open!"

Funny what words he picks up without us even working on them....

Other favourite words at the moment: Mum (which sometimes means Mum and sometimes means "pick me up"), car, bin (I mentioned his bin obsession in the last post), truck, ball, ooh (this is usually how he tells us he's done something in his nappy), hot.

If I could turn back time...

Today as I was walking out of the shop across the road, I found a five cent coin on the ground. I didn't pick it up because I had Caleb on my back in the sling and didn't want to bend over.

Then tonight, I went out to Coles to get some lettuce for tea (we had tacos), among other things, and the total came to $10.90. I had a $10 note, a $5 note, and 85 cents.

The moral of the story: Always pick up stray coins. You never know when they'll be useful.


Bit of this, bit of that.

Caleb's up to 15 teeth. Just one more canine and the back four molars to go. He's obsessed with wheelie bins. He's saying a lot of new words, about one every day, and understands at least twice what he actually says. Still loves strawberries. And the bottle of bubbles is a big hit too.

Had a visit from some Jehovah's Witnesses this morning. If I'd realised that's who they were I wouldn't have opened the door. And they were talking about their little magazine & saying that there have been lots of things like wars lately and that it seems to be getting worse, and after I sent them away I got to thinking. It's not really any worse than it's ever been. There's always been wars, natural disasters, massacres, child abuse, etc. We just know about more of it now because of media influence. We can't get away from it. No wonder it seems like more. But just look at a history textbook sometime - there's always been one war or another happening somewhere in the world.

It's been very rainy the last few weeks and I've gotten behind on the laundry. But I finally caught up on Friday. Yay.

We rearranged our lounge room. Darrin's computer is in there now because it's easier than trying to use a laptop in front of the TV with a curious toddler in the room.

That's it for now.

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