Yep, we've gone to once-a-month posting...

Got a bunch of things to mention, starting with:

What Caleb's Up To Now

2 months on and he's passed 6 kilograms (13.2 pounds) and 59 centimetres (just under 24 inches). It's a tossup at the moment whether Caleb or Biscuit weighs more, but it won't be for long. He's into 000 (0-3 month) clothing now, but rapidly outgrowing them.

Things he likes: eating, baths, watching TV (actually, he likes watching ANYTHING, especially lights), eating, talking to the curtains, lying on a towel on the floor without a nappy, sucking his fists (thumb isn't enough, gotta have the whole hand!), car rides, and did I mention eating?

Things he doesn't like: cold toes, wet nappies, letting Mum eat before he does.

Things he's learned: Rolled from his back to his side twice in one afternoon two weeks ago, but hasn't done it since. Starting to smile a lot (for Mum anyway). We think he's about to discover his hands too, if he hasn't already.

Sleep habits: Starting to make progress with getting him to bed earlier. Most nights lately it's been around 10 (better than the 11, 12, or even 1 he'd been doing sometimes). Sleeps about 5 hours (once he did 6!), wakes up, feeds, goes back to sleep for another 2-3-4 hours. So no, he hasn't slept "through the night" yet, but we're not going to force the issue. He will when he's ready.

And now...

Why I Hate Disposables

They're expensive.
They smell worse than cloth nappies. Fully taking into consideration the "your own baby's poo doesn't stink" factor, I almost never smell his poos when he does one in a cloth nappy (until I open it up), but within a few seconds of dropping one in a disposable, phew!
Disposables aren't as good at wiping off excess poo.

Pity they're so convenient. Next topic:

Shopping with a baby rant

Okay. So before I got my sling, I took Caleb shopping a couple times and put him in one of those trolleys with the baby seat attached. The first time he was 11 days old, and it was Thursday, and there were a lot of old ladies in the supermarket all saying how cute he was and asking me how old he was. And yeah, I'll be the first to agree with him being cute, but come on...first of all, I'm an introvert, I don't like strange people I don't know trying to talk to me when I'm focused on something else, and secondly, I have a limited time to shop before he wants his nappy changed or wants to be fed, so every person who stops me to talk about my baby is cutting into that time. Just let me get on with my shopping, people.

Thankfully, now I have a sling, so I can just have him strapped to me. And I still get some people oohing and ahhing over him, but at least in the sling HE SLEEPS!

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