It's A Boy!

This Morning (25th March, Australia Central Time) at 8:53am Caleb Smith was born, son of Melvan & Beldin. There was much rejoicing (And sleeping soon hopefully).

For those who love the statistics kind of things:

Weight: 3.4kg, 7.5pounds
Length: 53cm, 20 inches

This Link is for anyone wanting a look at Caleb.

(Those of you using browsers designed for last century can now view the pictures when you go into the individual picture screen)

The days of kitty litter may be numbered.

So. Calico has never really had any problem using the great outdoors as her toilet, but until recently, Biscuit has always come inside to use the litter, then gone back outside. However in the last week, mostly due to Darrin dumping some used kitty litter in a corner of the yard, Biscuit is learning that it's okay to do it outside, too. So we're down to one litter tray in the laundry room now, and we've been letting the cats out briefly in the mornings so they can do their business. All means less stink in the house and less money spent on litter, both very good things.

And now we wait.

Thursday we hit the 37-week mark. So baby can come at any time and be considered full-term. And believe me, I'd prefer sooner rather than later at this point. But I still think later is more likely. Blah.

So yesterday we picked up our car seat. Yay. And while we were in Riverton on Saturday visiting Darrin's mum, she & I & Tyron went to the market, and I found a bouncer/rocker thing for only $10. Needed a wash of course, but it's in great condition.

So we've got all the basics. Got a place to sleep, a place to sit in the car, things to poo in, clothes, a few toys, blankets, and a place to store all the stuff. And we've bought very little of it brand new, just the nappies & car seat really.

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