Not what they meant, but...

Triple M radio in Adelaide is currently doing a silly promotion, where they're asking people to answer their phones not with "Hello" but with "Triple M's new zoo makes me moo!" Yeah, okay. And if they call you and you answer this way, you win money or a prize. And during one of their promotional spots, they have somebody singing "Who let the cows out? Moo, moo moo moo!"

Silly, right? But it always makes me think of something totally different. See, where I come from (and I don't know for sure if this is just a family joke or actually a regional oddity) the two phrases "Your barn door's open" or "Your cows are getting out" mean...your zipper's open.

And I cannot help but think that every time I hear "Who let the cows out?"

Mel's Long List of Pet Peeves, Part 4

32. Counting your money and coming up SEVEN DOLLARS short.

33. Having to listen to someone who KNOWS they're right, when you KNOW they're wrong.

34. Getting hair caught between my toes. May sound weird, but it's something I find absolutely gross.

35. The little bits of bone on lamb chops that stay behind after they're cut, which you find with your teeth when you're eating them.

36. Americans who do stupid things, which just confirms what so much of the rest of the world thinks of us already.

37. Biting into a piece of nice, fresh broccoli and crunching down on DIRT, because it wasn't washed properly.

38. Idiot drivers who go 50 kph in the right (fast) lane of a 60 kph road.

39. Lower North East Road through Campbelltown, between Payneham/Montacute Roads & Darley/Sudholz Road.

40. Trying to jog your memory (regarding Pet Peeve #31) and having no luck whatsoever.

41. Birds flying over your clothesline and pooping on the clean clothes. (This was supposed to be #31.)

42. Stepping on cat litter.

43. Cats who pull the towels off the towel bars.


Apologies for the downtime...

To those of you who host sites here, and of course those of you who look at the sites, my apologies for the protracted downtime on Sunday, an upgrade went horribly wrong and took much longer than anticipated to rectify.

Yep, now that I've found the nerve to drive in Adelaide, you won't be able to keep me home...

Although I predict in about three weeks when I get really comfortable, and start to do things without thinking, I'll pull out onto the wrong side of the road or something...

Yesterday I went for a little drive to do something I haven't really done in about two years: garage saleing.

The strange thing is here, people have their garage sales on Saturday and SUNDAY. Almost nobody has a sale on Sunday in River Falls. They all have them Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (with the latter two most common). And looking in the Sunday Mail, almost nobody has them on Sundays here, either. The Saturday paper had about fifteen times the number of sales the Sunday one did. So next week I'll be going on Saturday.

And while I was out, I drove past my old place in Campbelltown since there was a sale just a couple blocks away. And the grass is all waist-high, and there's no cars in the driveway, and the place just looks empty, so I suspect they're going to tear it down and build fancy new townhouses.

Oh, right...and I didn't find anything to buy. But there's always next weekend.

Things I learned this weekend.

I like par 3 golf. I may even like it better than miniature golf. Must investigate this possibility further.

Driving a go-kart CAN actually be fun, provided you're not fighting twenty other people for the track like happened the time I did it in Wisconsin Dells.

Pub schnitzels are HUGE. And very tasty.

"I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar."

We just got home from seeing Serenity with some friends. And let me tell you, if you're a fan of movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE! During the first battle scene, Darrin whispered in my ear "Star Wars eat your heart out!"

Although if you're a hardcore fan of the original short-lived TV series, there's a couple parts you might get upset about. We all certainly did.

But that's all the spoiler you'll get, not that it's really spoiling. This is a GOOD movie.

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