And another one bites the dust.

One Friday night in the winter of 2000-2001, I was driving home from Hastings after work. Yeah, I did that a lot in those days. Anyway, I turned on KS95 because I thought they'd be playing their Friday night 80s, and to my surprise and annoyance, they were not. And so I changed stations, again and again, trying to find something that I could listen to without being repulsed or having my ears explode. I hit 'scan' on my radio and ended up at 104.1, which I think at the time was a "smooth jazz" station ("We need to get back to real jazz, true jazz, 1960s Greenwich Village type jazz..."), but I checked it anyway because I was desperate. And to my surprise there was a good song playing from the 80s. And when it finished there was another one. And another. Finally they played a promo spot, "Mix 104, the 80s and more." Oooooohhhhh.... For the next 20 minutes I kept my ears glued to the radio (well, not literally, it would have made driving difficult and dangerous) and then after I got home I think I turned it on inside, which was rare for me at that time. I was very very happy to have finally found a radio station I could call my own. So for the next three years that was what you heard when you rode in my car, except for the few times when I didn't have it on.

And then I moved to Australia. And I was just saying the other day how I missed my 80s station from home. And then today I looked up their website to see if there was ANY news at all about putting in an internet radio feed so I can listen here. But alas, it was not to be.

I switched over to another window while I waited for the page to load, and when I came back, it wasn't the Mix 104 web site. It was some stupid Jack 104.1 website. A week or so ago it was still the Mix 104 web site. It appears Mix 104 has fallen victim to the fickle Twin Cities radio market, or the Infinity Radio executives who want a little more money out of that frequency than they were getting. 104.1 has not had a good history over the last ten or so years. But my 80s station lasted a good four years. As they say in Australia and other British influenced, cricket-playing societies, they had a good innings. I guess quality radio just can't compete long-term with crap like KDWB and 93X (the Twin Cities top 40 station and alternative rock station, respectively) and rich conglomerates like KSTP.

So a moment of silence for the best radio station that ever was or will be.

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