Visa processing, episode one

This morning we drove into the city and lodged the visa application. We're just waiting for the medical stuff to arrive (either here or there) and we'll be all set for a decision.

Okay, now I know those of you who are interested in that (which I assume would be anyone who's reading this) are going to want updates every time you talk to Darrin or me. And I don't blame you, really, but please, please, don't ask us how it's going every time you see us. We'll post updates here when things happen, I guarantee you. Asking us multiple times isn't going to make things happen faster or more smoothly. So be patient.

Anyway. We got to the DIMIA (Department of Immigration, Multicultural & Indigenous Affairs) office just after 9 and there was a line. We waited in line for 5 minutes, then gave the lady at the desk all our paperwork. She put it in an envelope, gave it back to us, gave us a number, and asked us to sit down till someone called our number. And we waited for ages. And the TV was showing the Ricki Lake show. "Once a cheater, always a cheater?" was the show's wonderful. What a wonderful portrayal of American television, and Americans in general. No wonder the rest of the world thinks Americans are rude, stupid, irresponsible, etc.

Anyway. It must've been half an hour we waited, and I'd had too much water to drink before we left the house, so I was pretty uncomfortable. And our number finally got called, and we jumped up out of our seats to get away from that revolting talk show. And we took our envelope to another lady at a desk, and handed it over, and gave her my credit card, and paid a whole bucketload of money for the application fee. And she told us that the bridging visa (the visa they give you while you're in the application process, in case your current one runs out before the application is decided) would go into effect when my current one expires. But I'm not sure if it's another electronic one, or an actual sticker/stamp in my passport, so I guess I'll wait till I get the letter in the mail in a few days, once they start processing things.

And that's really all we know at this point, so if you ask us to go into more detail, don't be surprised if you get a dirty look. :-)

Peer pressure.

This isn't a blog. It has never been a blog. It will never be a blog.

But everybody whose blogs I read on a daily basis (or whenever they actually get around to posting something) posted something today, so I figured, why not me too?

A couple weeks ago, I was wandering through Rundle Mall when I heard somebody playing the accordion. And they were playing a familiar tune, only I couldn't quite catch which one it was. Once I got close, I had it. And I laughed. And on my way back down the other way, I heard him playing another familiar tune, and I laughed again.

And you're wondering by now why exactly I was laughing at this accordion player. Because he was playing "Video Killed the Radio Star" and "Eye of the Tiger."

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