1. The “We’re aunties” line in the last entry was kind of a joke. We had a niece so we’re aunties. If we’d had a nephew, we’d be uncles. See?

2. Yes, this site was targeted again last week. I never saw the “weird page” that they put on instead, but Darrin said it was just some guys bragging about being able to get in. They didn’t really do any damage. Things are (obviously) fixed again. Now I realise they didn’t do any harm and they’re just showing off, and that showing off is an essential part of male-ness, but personally I think when it gets to breaking people’s things it’s a bit too far.

3. The Mambo book module I installed at the start of the move has a new version which actually works. So you know I’ll be putting all our books/DVDs/CDs into the database over the next few weeks.

4. For some reason the archives module is showing up on most pages but not the front page. Have looked in the configuration and can’t figure out why this is. Still, it’s at least partly working now, which is better than not at all.

5. Merry Christmas. Late for Australia, but no matter.

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