Yep, now that I’ve found the nerve to drive in Adelaide, you won’t be able to keep me home…

{mosimage}Although I predict in about three weeks when I get really comfortable, and start to do things without thinking, I’ll pull out onto the wrong side of the road or something…

Yesterday I went for a little drive to do something I haven’t really done in about two years: garage saleing.

The strange thing is here, people have their garage sales on Saturday and SUNDAY. Almost nobody has a sale on Sunday in River Falls. They all have them Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (with the latter two most common). And looking in the Sunday Mail, almost nobody has them on Sundays here, either. The Saturday paper had about fifteen times the number of sales the Sunday one did. So next week I’ll be going on Saturday.

And while I was out, I drove past my old place in Campbelltown since there was a sale just a couple blocks away. And the grass is all waist-high, and there’s no cars in the driveway, and the place just looks empty, so I suspect they’re going to tear it down and build fancy new townhouses.

Oh, right…and I didn’t find anything to buy. But there’s always next weekend.

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