Yep. House update again.

The house is being valued today. Also got a call from the conveyancer, and they’re sending paperwork out today to get to us tomorrow.

I have to say, I didn’t expect things to go so quick. I hoped they would, but I figured since there’s a bank, real estate agent, conveyancer, vendor, and who knows who else involved, it would be a matter of people waiting to hear back from other people before they can tell still other people to do their work…you know, the usual bureaucracy. And okay, it’s still early, but it’s moving a lot faster than I expected.

So maybe we will get in before the settlement date, who knows….

Packed heaps more last night. More books, all the DVDs & videos, the small amount of baby stuff we have already, and some odds & ends. Of the 15-20 boxes Darrin brought home last night, we used all but I think 4 or 5. And we still have heaps left to do.

Hanging out with Darrin at work today. Too hot to stay home when it’s going to be 38 (just over 100F), and I’m already feeling warmer from being pregnant, and there’s little or nothing we can do about the temperature in that place.

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