Yeah, I’ve been lazy, so sue me.

It’s been 3 months & 7 days since I posted any news here. Figured it was time I posted SOMETHING, even if it’s just silliness. But it won’t be silliness.

So here’s an update on my situation. I am in Adelaide, South Australia, living in a “granny flat” in the suburb of Campbelltown. I came here to work, but even though I’ve looked just about everywhere I can think of, I’ve had no success. I’ve had only one interview, I’ve filled out paperwork at several places, and still nothing. Saturday I’m going to an “assessment” at a Big W store with a bunch of other hopefuls (basically they want to find out how well we work together, who can work unsupervised, that kind of thing). And after that hopefully I’ll find out if they want me to go to an interview. But since my visa expires on October 19th, I’m starting to wonder what the point is in looking for work anymore. Five weeks and four days. I can’t even get hired for things that backpackers normally get hired for (seasonal work like fruit picking) because I’m too old, and the younger you are, the less they can pay you.

But anyway, the trip hasn’t been a total loss. Sure, I’m living off my credit card, and AGL (the electric company) still hasn’t sent me a bill, and Telstra (phone company) has been a pain in the neck, and don’t get me started on my IEP mail situation, but I can get Tim Tams whenever I want them. And I’ve discovered the wonders of hanging clothes outside to dry (I’d say rediscovered, but any time my mom made me do it when I was young I hated it). And I’m getting really good at cooking lamb roasts. And I’ve gotten used to not having a job somewhat, so I don’t get as bored during the day as I did.

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