A few thoughts about pregnancy (yet again).

  • I never thought getting my shoes to fit could be the highlight of my day.
  • Never, EVER get between a pregnant woman and a toilet.
  • What belly button?
  • I’m convinced that the last 2 months or so of pregnancy are uncomfortable by design, so that when you get to the birth, you’re psychologically ready for it (as in sick to death of it and screaming “GET THIS THING OUT OF ME!”)
  • If I had a broken arm at the moment, I’d be up the creek, since my abdominal muscles don’t seem to be doing much of anything when I have to get up from a sitting/squatting/lying down position.
  • I’m beginning to understand why I see so many pregnant women in dresses instead of pants or shorts. Not easy to bend your leg enough to get them on. Dresses require very little bending.
  • I’m finding very little motivation to do ANYTHING at the moment. Don’t wanna be at the computer, don’t wanna work in the kitchen, don’t wanna sit & read or watch TV, don’t even wanna sleep because it takes so long to get comfortable.
  • I never actually notice how big my belly is when I’m looking down at it. Then the other day I saw my reflection in the car window, and sheesh, I was HUGE!
  • Okay, okay, maybe I’ll post a picture of myself sometime in the next month. But I won’t promise anything, because I’ve never liked having pictures taken of myself. Oh, and the more people ask me about it, the less likely I am to do it. Just a warning. 🙂
  • Yes, the official due date is the 29th of March, but Darrin is predicting the 6th of April (Good Friday), and I’m predicting the 8th (Easter). Given that first babies are usually about 10 days late, it seems like that’ll be the weekend it happens. But basically we’re not going to be too concerned unless I go two weeks over.
  • This morning I told Darrin that I didn’t really like most of the girls’ names on our list, so this kid better be a boy. A favourite boy name IS emerging, however, at least for me. No clue yet on middle names though.

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