What was I gonna post about today? Can’t remember; I’ll just wing it.

So I set my sewing machine up in the Long Room the other day. Until now it was sitting on a shelf in the dining room, and I’d move it to the table when I wanted to use it. Until a couple months ago, this worked just fine. And then Caleb started crawling. So putting the foot pedal on the floor out in plain view really isn’t an option anymore unless I want my fingers sewed into whatever I’m making.

Now I’ve got it on a corner computer desk we had just sitting in the spare room. There’s a little footrest area at the bottom of the desk, so I can put the pedal either on it or under it. Either way, Caleb still tries to play with it, but at least now if I need to (and Darrin’s home to keep an eye on him) I can shut the door.

Ah yes, and Caleb had his first real taste of lamb last night. He had a nice big chunk from one of Darrin’s chops and chewed on it longer than he chews on most things (okay, so part of that is due to the fact it’s a tougher texture than most other things he’s had, but still, if he hadn’t liked it, he would’ve left it on the floor for a cat).

Right, and the other thing I think I was going to mention is that I think I’ve become addicted to Heroes (the tv show). I’ve only watched the first three episodes because that’s all we have at the moment, but those three were enough to make me want more. I just hope this series doesn’t suffer the same fate as most of the other shows I’ve gotten into in the last few years…. I mean, really, is it my fault that I like GOOD shows, rather than mediocre ones?

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