We may have a train junkie.

I’m not sure if Darrin’s uploaded those pictures yet, but on Saturday he & Caleb went to a train museum at Port Adelaide. Unfortunately I was home sick with gastro (also known as stomach flu), which was actually part of the reason I think they went out – so I could rest uninterrupted.

Anyway. He notices any moving thing that’s out on the road, or sky, or train tracks, and knows them all by name – bus, train, truck, car, airplane. So it may just be a vehicle obsession at the moment, but he does seem to like trains more. We’re just under a kilometre from the train line, and he’ll tell us every time he hears a train blow its whistle/horn. He also does this sometimes when a truck blows its horn from Salisbury Highway.

So yeah, they went to the train museum, and saw lots of engines & carriages, and rode on a little train, and Darrin got lots of pictures of him looking at all the trains.

And what else is going on…well, he cut another molar last month without us even realising it till it was well and truly out. I suspect that’s going to happen with most of the rest of them, simply because he won’t let us get fingers into his mouth without biting down. Can’t blame him though; I’d probably do the same thing!

Oh…and don’t tell him, but he’s getting a swing set for Christmas. Shhh.

And Wednesday night he finally had his first fever, and a really nasty cough that sounded like it might’ve been croup. So I was up half the night with him, trying to hold him in a position so he could sleep AND breathe. Unfortunately this meant I didn’t get much sleep, but Darrin stayed home Thursday so I could try to catch up. He’s still got the cough, and a little bit of a sniffle, but it’s sounding much better now.

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