We finally took the plunge.

{mosimage}So I’ve talked about our plumbing troubles a bit on here already. I’ve lost count of the times since I’ve lived here that we’ve had to unblock the drains in various creative ways – sticking a garden hose up through the drains, getting the creepy landlady to bring out a cheap plumber, all those kinds of things. And we kept saying things like “If we just had a plunger” and “Man I wish we had a plunger right about now.”

So last Friday night the drains got blocked AGAIN, and flooded the bathroom & kitchen AGAIN, and we were due to leave on our trip first thing in the morning. So we didn’t bother doing anything with them. And since we got back late on Monday night, we didn’t bother doing anything then either. And then when Darrin got up Tuesday morning for work (an hour early due to both of us forgetting the alarm was still set for 6 instead of 7 – oops) he tried to get it moving again with no luck.

And so we discussed various options, including calling the landlady (definitely the last resort, since we really don’t like her), calling a plumber ourselves (expensive), borrowing a plunger from someone. Finally decided to drop in on Darrin’s brother on our way home from work and see if he had a plunger. And as luck would have it (or not), Craig did have a plunger. But he couldn’t find it, because Tyron (our 6 year old nephew) likes to play with it. Apparently it makes a good gun.

So off we went to the hardware store, which was still open for five more minutes, and bought a plunger for $2.50. And Darrin plunged the shower drain while I held the plug in the sink, and the clog was gone. Hooray.

The end. We hope.

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