Various lists

Things done:

  1. We have two copies of our marriage license.
  2. I have had my medical and chest x-ray required for applying for a permanent visa.
  3. My mom has mailed the rest of my immigration/tax paperwork, and it should arrive early next week.

Things yet to do:

  1. Obtain statutory declarations from at least two people (Australian citizens or permanent residents over age 18). We’ve printed five forms.
  2. Finish filling out my half of the application form.
  3. Fill out Darrin’s half of the application form.
  4. Collect various pieces of evidence that our relationship is “genuine and continuing” and that I’m not just getting married to migrate to Australia.
  5. We each have to write up our own history of when & how we met, how long till we decided to get married, and all that stuff.
  6. We need a certified copy of Darrin’s birth certificate.
  7. We need certified copies of both our passports.
  8. I need to get four passport photos.
  9. Darrin needs to get two passport photos.
  10. After all of the above is completed/obtained, we will go to the immigration office and meet with an agent who will (hopefully!) grant my visa, and charge us nearly $1800.

Non-visa related stuff:

  1. I need to take one of the marriage license copies to the bank to change my name.
  2. Qantas also wants a photocopy of the marriage license to change my name on my frequent flier account.
  3. File my taxes, preferably online.

Stuff to do AFTER the visa is granted:

  1. Send my passport & marriage license to the US embassy in Melbourne, where they’ll change my name on THAT.
  2. Find out if my return tickets are refundable.
  3. Go across the road with my passport and find out about getting a South Australia driver’s license, so I don’t have to carry my passport everywhere anymore.
  4. Start looking for work.

Things to do today:

  1. Win at Mario Kart.
  2. Drink plenty of water.
  3. Stay inside where the sun can’t get me.
  4. Shower to cool off.

Books I want:

  1. Robin Jones Gunn’s Sisterchicks Do the Hula
  2. Brandilyn Collins’s Brink of Death (to be released April 2004)
  3. Liz Curtis Higgs’s Fair is the Rose (to be released March 16th)

DVD sets I want:

  1. All nine seasons of The X-Files (1-8 available now, 9 available later this year) and the movie
  2. Season 1 of Gilmore Girls (to be released May 4th)
  3. Season 1 of Star Trek: Voyager (to be released February 24th)
  4. The Best of the Muppet Show
  5. Series 5-8 of Red Dwarf (not released, no release date public as far as I know)
  6. A big extended version 3-pack of The Lord of the Rings (my guess is late this year, or early next, I have no inside information)
  7. The full set of The Matrix trilogy (next year for Christmas, do you think?)
  8. The full set of Star Wars movies (all six, once they actually do a set)

Movies I’m eagerly awaiting:

  1. Shrek 2 (May 2004)
  2. The Wallace & Gromit Movie: Curse of the Wererabbit (2005)
  3. Red Dwarf: The movie (who knows, supposedly they’re starting production this year)
  4. The next X-Files movie (ditto)
  5. Star Wars: Episode 3 (2005)

Things I want:

  1. A kitten.
  2. A stand-up mixer like the Kitchen Aid one my mom has, only they don’t sell Kitchen Aid products here.
  3. A freezer. Not the dinky little one you find at the top of a fridge, a full-blown upright freezer that I can stock lots of food in.
  4. A VCR that plays BOTH Australian & American video formats.
  5. A crock pot.
  6. A winning lottery ticket worth several thousand dollars, so we can buy these things & pay off credit card bills.

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