I just went to a staff lunch at the school with Darrin, and I ate WAY too much….

Anyway, so I’m here using the school’s fast internet catching up on some of the websites I visit regularly. And I thought I’d post another update on things.

Got our address changed with a few places in the last couple days. Got our first mail at our new house – a Christmas card and a letter from the conveyancer. Got some extra bookshelf supports, because we’ve run out. Got a cheap phone at Big W so we don’t have to pay Telstra an extra $2.99 a month just to use their phone – it’ll pay for itself in 10 months. Got some taps to (hopefully) let us connect the washing machine in the laundry room, because there aren’t any there yet, just the ones for the laundry sink. They don’t quite look like what I thought they would look like, so I hope the lady who showed them to me was right. Anyway, I always keep receipts for things like that at least till I know they’re working, and longer if they have a warranty. Got about 20 boxes of books put away last night, and all the empty boxes are stacked on one of the chairs in the lounge room. Darrin got the computers we brought along all connected again, so although we don’t have DSL yet, we do have a network, and we can use our media box, and play our music, watch our movies, get to all our personal files. And we’re borrowing a power point tester to check all the points in the house, particularly that one I tried using for the fridge the other day.

And did I mention the apricots? They’re very tasty. I had four of them this morning. Might have to get a net for the tree though so the birds can’t get to them so easily. And this is a DRY year – one can only guess what the fruit would be like if we’d had plenty of rain over winter.

Okay, so now I’ve read all my websites & everything, so I’m bored. Off to find Darrin and distract him from work. 😉

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