I hate the Infernal Revenue Service.

And why do I hate them? So many reasons. But mostly because I would really like to file my taxes online again this year, and I can’t. And why can’t I file online? Pick a reason.

Because since I have a spouse now that I have to report on my tax return, the online e-file places all want to know his Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification number, neither of which he has, and none of the e-file places will continue on a return without both spouses’ numbers.

Because all but ONE e-file service will not accept a foreign address as your residence – they only have a drop-down state menu for you to pick from.

Because the one e-file service I found that DOES accept a foreign address doesn’t handle foreign income – not that I had that much anyway, but if I’m filing taxes I probably oughtta report all of it.

The other big reason I hate the IRS today is because I’ve had a taste of another country’s tax return system. And it’s much, much easier to file your taxes in Australia than the IRS makes it in the US. There is ONE form for individuals. You file on your own. You don’t have to decide if you’re married whether to file separately or jointly. And for electronic filing, you use a FREE program that you can download, which (as far as I know) EVERYONE qualifies to use (now true, it is a Windows-only program, and they probably SHOULD do a web based one, but that’s government for you). There is no state income tax .

Ideally, I’d get rid of the income tax completely. But if it has to be there, why make it more complicated than it has to be?

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