Turkey in the Straw

Several weeks ago I decided I wanted to do a Thanksgiving dinner here. With guests. And the roast turkey with all the trimmings. So imagine my surprise when (as stated in a previous post) I find out turkeys are TEN DOLLARS per kilogram. Yikes. And I still had it in my head to do it, and invite people & everything, but didn’t want to spend that much money. Plus, I’ve never actually roasted a turkey before. Ever. My Thanksgiving specialty has always been pumpkin pie. And thirdly, the oven in this house is pretty temperamental. And so I wasn’t terribly thrilled at the idea of screwing up the turkey and nobody being able to eat.

So then my next plan was to just buy a small turkey for just Darrin & me, and maybe do a full-blown Thanksgiving thing next year and borrow somewhere else big enough for extra people. And I’d planned to do our small turkey today. But today is at the near-end of a heat wave, and the house is already hot, so I figured, let’s wait till Wednesday after it rains again & cools down. No problem. I hadn’t bought the turkey yet anyway. But yesterday we went looking for one, at Woolworths (where I’d seen them before at two locations). And they have no whole turkeys. They have turkey legs, at a reasonable price, but no whole turkeys anywhere in the store. But then this IS a smaller Woolworths than the ones downtown and at Tea Tree Plaza. So then I was thinking maybe I’d visit one of them tomorrow, only I wasn’t sure exactly how I’d get there or get it back, since the smallest turkeys are about 3.2kg, or 7 pounds, and sticking something that heavy in my backpack on a hot day, even though it’s frozen, is really not my idea of a good time.

And then today I went over to Coles to get a couple things to make popsicles, because those tend to last a little longer than a batch of ice cream, and wandered past the frozen food aisle, where I knew they once had whole turkeys, but discontinued the product. And what do I see there? Turkeys. Whole turkeys. All sizes. How rude of them to make me think they don’t sell turkeys and then turn right around & throw them in my face. But at least I know where I can get one, and how I can get it home.

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