To the dork who hacked my website yesterday…

Thank you so very, very much. Because of you we have lost the sidebar item that tells us what happened on this day in whatever year. Also you caused me no small amount of annoyance at not being able to rant about you right away, and Darrin no small amount of headache trying to fix the site. Were you bored? Did you want attention? Or are you just an idiot with nothing better to do than exploit websites?

See, I had two things I wanted to post today, but I couldn’t, because YOU SCREWED UP MY SITE. So I’ll have to post them tomorrow since I’ve got other things going on at the moment and I can’t. Sheesh, tomorrow I might not even remember to post them, and it’s ALL YOUR FAULT. Hope you’re happy with yourself. Oh yeah, you’re SO cool, you’re such a 1337 h4x0r* for what you do.

Note: * If you don’t get the phrase, don’t worry, it’s not that clever.

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