This week at the op shops…

I only went to the Salvos & Vinnies today but I still came away with some bargains. I’ve been getting really sick of only having three pairs of shorts that fit, so I specifically looked for shorts. Found two pairs for me and one pair for Darrin, plus another wooden toy car for Caleb. Then I went to a secondhand book shop and found a book on using sign language with babies for $7 (the tag on the back had the original price – over $40).

And then we went meat shopping and came home, because I’m waiting for someone to pick up something I posted on Freecycle. I sent out an email, and within half an hour everything had been spoken for except the base for our old bed. So it looks like that’s going on the hard rubbish pile when we organise a trailer sometime, along with the old mattress and the old vacuum. And who knows what else we’ll find. We’re allowed a trailer load a year at 4ft wide x 7ft long x 5ft high.

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