This is what’s been happening lately.

Week of September 6th: Darrin was sick with a cold/flu type thing and was home for 4 days. By the end of the week I’d caught the bug too. We can both breathe again, but I’ve still got crud in my throat. And I’m sure you needed to know that, right? šŸ™‚

September 6th: I received the course materials for the correspondence course I signed up for: certified bookkeeping. I’m hoping that after I’ve finished the course I can actually find a job that’ll last more than three days. The second set of assignments was supposed to be here two weeks ago, so I contacted the school yesterday to find out what’s going on, and they say they’ll mail it out NEXT week, because they’ve been sold to another company & moved. The introductory letter says they do this “to help you pace yourself”, but sheesh! The first assignment only took me five minutes.

September 26th: Bikes are on sale at Kmart. After going back & forth about it, I decide that dang it, I’m gonna get a new bike for once (since my last 3 have been garage sale or hand-me-down bikes). So we go shopping on the 28th and buy my bike. And I put it together, and ride it, and the seat really needs some breaking in, but at least now I have some transportation.

October 6th (yesterday): I go out to do my paper route. I usually buy a bottle of water at the little deli/snack bar place on Marian Road, but I had a grand total of 70 cents with me at the time, so I couldn’t this week. So by the time I got 3/4 done with the route, under a clear blue sky, sun beating down at about 28 degrees celsius (that’s about 80 farenheit), I was sweating and tired and worn out and I figured if I didn’t get a drink RIGHT NOW I’d make myself sick. So I dragged everything back home (I was only a block away at that point), had 2-3 glasses of water, got some strength back, and went back to finish the route an hour or so later. Still ended up getting a headache & going to bed early though.

Today: Well, I WAS planning to maybe ride my bike over to the library today, since it wasn’t going to be quite as warm as yesterday, but it’s raining. Maybe tomorrow. Or later today. The thing about Adelaide weather is you never know by the morning’s weather what it’ll be like later. Especially in spring, which I’m told is really 3 days of winter alternating with 3 days of summer.

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