This is a song about a whale…no! This is a song about being happy. It’s the Happy Happy Joy Joy song!

{mosimage}So five years ago when we were planning our wedding and my move to Australia, we ran up heaps of debt. My credit card was nearly maxed out, Darrin’s was nearly maxed out, and we had to borrow from family too. This was all just a little bit more than we could manage being newlyweds, even though we lived in a cheap dump & drove a cheap car. Plus we had immigration fees to pay as well. So. Rather than have two credit card payments every month, we got a personal loan. We paid off both credit cards, got our car serviced, and did a few other things I can’t remember. When we changed banks two years ago, we moved the loan over too.

The original loan was a seven year loan. The loan at the new bank was a three year loan.

Today we make our LAST PAYMENT on that loan. Two years early by the original plan, one year early by the amended one.

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