Things to do on one of my days off next week.

  1. Clean toilet. I hate doing it, so it only gets done every few months. Usually about the time it starts to smell.
  2. Clean bathroom. Especially those nasty mouldy spots at the top of the wall.
  3. Clean microwave. Last time I discovered baking soda/bicarb soda works REALLY well. They’re not kidding about it being a deodoriser.
  4. Vaccum (even though I just did it on Sunday). Somebody stepped in some mud and tracked it in on the carpet. I won’t tell you who she was.
  5. Go shopping for a new washing machine. Ours is very sick and nearly on its deathbed. Darrin’s had it for nearly as long as he’s lived in this place (11 years), and it was possibly used then.
  6. Weather permitting: wash clothes and hang them outside on the line. I’m sick of only being able to do one load at a time when I hang them inside.
  7. Do my taxes. This will almost fully pay for the new washing machine.
  8. Work on a few knit/crochet projects I’ve got going.

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