Eggs. Supermarkets have them upwards of $2.69/dozen. Across the road: $1.99/dozen (admittedly they’re “medium” size instead of “large” or bigger)

Milk. At the supermarket a 3 litre jug of the GENERIC milk is over $4. Across the road, the BIG NAME BRAND is $2.99.

Cadbury 250g chocolate. Okay, this one’s borderline. They’re $3.99 across the road, and the regular price at Coles & Woolworths is around $4.05, but they’re on sale all the time for $2.49ish.

Bread. 99 cents a loaf across the road, twice that at a supermarket.

Roast chickens. Well, maybe not cheaper, but they taste better, and they’re cooked more thoroughly.