Things I haven’t been asked in Australia

1. Upon entering a restaurant: “Smoking or non?” All restaurants are smoke-free, with the exception of pubs, but then it’s restricted to the bar area.

2. After stating smoking preference: “Would you like a table or a booth?” The only places that have booths here seem to be fast food shops. And ONE Fasta Pasta in Golden Grove.

3. Ordering from the menu: “Soup or salad?” Usually you get the whole meal together, and sometimes your meal comes with choice of salad or vegetables.

4. At the supermarket: “Paper or plastic?” I’ve been to ONE shop where they gave me a paper bag with my purchase, and it wasn’t a supermarket. The standard is plastic, unless you bring your own calico bags, which a lot of people do. South Australia is getting rid of the plastic bags entirely in the next few years; Kangaroo Island already has.

5. Also at the supermarket: “Do you want drive-up?” Hahaha. Supermarkets don’t have drive-up. Neither do banks. I haven’t even seen a drive-up ATM since I got here. The only places that have them are fast food places.

6. At a fast food place: “Do you want fries with that?” They’re called chips.

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