These are the kind of mistakes you like to make.

{mosimage}So remember that loan we were paying off? About a week before our scheduled payment, we made a bulk payment because Darrin got paid for a job he’d done with Josh. I wasn’t sure of the actual amount because I think the bank calculates interest on the average daily balance (which I can’t be bothered working out) instead of the balance on the last day of the statement period like our old bank did. So I just guessed, and left what I thought was about a dollar balance on the loan.

So last Friday came and went, and there was no loan payment showing up on our accounts. Strange. I thought maybe they’d tried to deduct the full amount again because that was what was scheduled, and that we might have to go into the bank and stop the automatic debits. And we’d only had enough to cover what I thought the last payment would be, so that would’ve caused them problems trying to deduct it.

So then yesterday I was checking online banking again, and it still hadn’t shown up on the account. But there was an extra $198 in one of the other accounts, without explanation as to what it was (sometimes it takes a day or two for that part of it to show up). And then this morning I looked again and it said “Loan overpayment.” Well. I’m not complaining about that in the least.

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