The plan.

{mosimage}Because I’m losing track of what I have to do & when, and if I write it down, even if I don’t take it along with me when I go places, it’ll help me remember.

Thursday: Darrin’s payday. Woohoo. Grocery shopping. Pick up two bags of sand pit sand from Garden Grove. Maybe pick up some new seedlings since a little boy has been watching Mum weed the garden, and you can imagine what I found when I went out there this afternoon. Oh, and Muzzy, the former cleaner in the area Darrin works in, is coming into the school for lunch tomorrow, so Caleb & I will be going in to see her and everyone else, then taking the car to go do the above.

Friday: Home birth network coffee morning at Goodwood. Since I’m going through the city anyway on my way there, I’ll pick up the new fridge shelf I ordered last week. After, I might hit Rundle Mall just because I haven’t in ages. Definitely driving, because it’s really hard on both me & Caleb taking the train back when he just wants to run around & spend his energy.

Saturday: Nothing! Absolutely nothing! STUPID! YOU’RE SO STUPID! *

Sunday: Driving up to Riverton for Craig’s birthday party. Staying the night with Darrin’s mum, then probably heading to Tarlee on Monday morning for their annual market/fair thing. And driving home at some point.

Tuesday: Catching up with Colin & Aaron at Genghis Khan after picking up Darrin from working with Josh at his house.

Wednesday: Monthly breakfast thing with Lisa & other home birth mums & bubs. Then lunch with Darrin’s dad.

Thursday: Nothing! Absolutely nothing! STUPID! YOU’RE SO STUPID! * Although a good day to catch up on nappy washing for the weekend.

Friday: Driving to Meningie in south east South Australia. Checking into a hotel.

Saturday: Orienteering.

Sunday: Orienteering, then driving home.

Monday: Nothing! Absolutely nothing! STUPID! YOU’RE SO STUPID! *

Tuesday: Chiropractor appointment at 4:30 pm. Then probably tea at Genghis Khan.

Yikes. That’s a pretty full roster for the next couple weeks.

* Watch the movie UHF if you don’t get it.

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