The lazy mum’s guide to feeding babies.

Well, first off, the most obvious thing is breastfeeding. Washing, sterilising, mixing, and heating bottles of baby formula just sounds like too much work, especially in the middle of the night.

And on to solid food. I said I don’t like the idea of buying mashed food for Caleb, and I still don’t. I said I was going to prepare all his food myself. Well, I started that, and then I got sick of running the blender or food processor and having to wash the bits. Not to mention the fact Caleb likes to grab anything that comes toward his face, including the spoon, so the food gets thrown just about everywhere. Just really a lot of hassle I don’t want to deal with.

So he’s definitely interested in food now; he tries to grab stuff off our plates, mimics us chewing when we’re eating, all that stuff. And he’s eaten newspaper, so he understands what you’re supposed to do with food. He’s just an independent little one and wants to feed himself.

Fair enough. So I’m letting him feed himself. I give him a chunk of banana, he bites on one end and mashes the rest into the high chair tray/his fingers/his hair. I give him a (cooked) carrot stick, he bites on the end and mashes the rest, same as the banana. He seems to like both.

Next up is either broccoli, watermelon, or avocado (all of which are in the fridge at the moment). Got a sweet potato too, but I don’t want to roast it when it’s hot, so that can wait a while. Besides, can I really offer my baby something I can’t remember if I’ve ever eaten myself?

The official name for this practice is Baby-led weaning. More about it here.

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