The Big Baby Wish List

Okay. So here’s what we still need for the baby, in case you’re trying to think of a gift. I don’t even care if they’re second-hand, as long as they’re in good shape and don’t have obvious lingering stains.

  • Cloth nappies. I’ve just settled on 60cm/24″ square ones, but I’m not overly picky. Around here they seem to come in packs of 12. We already have one pack. I’d like to have about 3 dozen to start off.
  • Cot (crib) sheets, blankets, etc.
  • Nappy covers/pilchers. Apparently there’s several different kinds, so I guess whatever. I always thought plastic pants looked really uncomfortable though.
  • Clothes, all sizes, gender neutral (since we don’t actually KNOW we’re having a boy). Specifically: socks (only have 2 pairs so far), whatever you call those bodysuits that snap at the crotch (I never paid attention to what they’re called in the US, and I’m not sure yet what they’re called here either).
  • How many bibs does one baby need? I think we have close to a dozen already. If you don’t think that’s enough, feel free to give us another one or two.
  • Toys that don’t require batteries.

Also, this is our baby registry. Not quite finished yet, it’s a little overwhelming all the stuff they have there!

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