That baby post I mentioned.

We’ll start with that walking thing. He’s getting close. Really close. In fact, depending on how you classify it, he may have taken his first steps already at Uncle Craig’s house the other night, when he let go of the table and step-step-step-*oof* into the couch. He does a step between furniture objects now and then, but never when you try to get him to do it.

Then there’s the talking thing. He’s making a lot of new noises. Says “Mumumumum” and pulls on my shirt when he wants to be fed. Tries to say kitty “khee!”

And the pointing thing. Pointing is big. He points at everything. Sometimes I just walk around the house holding him and go wherever he points to.

The all-fours thing. He’s getting up on his hands and *feet* a lot these days, looking down between his legs, and going “ahhhh, ahhhh.” And thinks it’s hysterically funny when one of us puts our face down there so he can see us between his legs.

Climbing thing. He’s getting up on the couch really easily now, and off, and hasn’t fallen off in quite a while. He likes to get up there, stand on the cushions, and play with the curtain behind it.

The picture thing. He LOVES looking at pictures of himself. Darrin & I both have pictures of him on our computer desktops, and every time the screen clears and his face comes up, he gets excited & points at himself (and puts fingerprints all over the screen if we’re holding him at the time).

The food thing. He eats pretty much anything now – the only things we’re really avoiding anymore are grains, sweets, and most raw vegetables. He still won’t eat off a spoon or fork, but that’s fine with us.

The birthday thing. Yep, 19 days from now is his first birthday. Four days later is his party. I hope it’s cooler that day than this week has been.

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