So I said I’m going to Canberra to be at the rally on the 7th of September. And this is (possibly) how we’re gonna do it.

Friday 4th September: Darrin picks up the hire car in the city & drives it home. Pack it up, move Caleb’s seat over, drive to somewhere in the Riverland and stay overnight.
Saturday 5th September: Drive from the Riverland to Narrandarra, stay the night.
Sunday 6th September: Drive from Narrandarra to Canberra, stay the night.
Monday 7th September: Darrin drops me off at the rally and goes for a drive. Picks me up after I’m finished and we go to Gundehai to stay the night.
Tuesday 8th September: Drive from Gundehai to Horsham, stay the night.
Wednesday 9th September: Drive from Horsham back to Adelaide.
Thursday 10th September: Darrin drops off the hire car when he goes in to work.

So, the stuff to organise:

  1. Time off work. Nothing else can happen till this is done.
  2. Hire car.
  3. Five, count ’em, FIVE hotels/motels to stay in overnight.
  4. Someone to look after the cats, check the mail, water the garden if necessary.