1. Chocolate: Tim Tams, Darrel Lea, Haigh’s, Cadbury.
  2. Adelaide’s public transport is pretty decent. Buses aren’t late as a rule, and if they are, it’s only by a minute or two.
  3. Wetzel’s Pretzels. Yum. Every time I go to Tea Tree Plaza now, I get one as I’m leaving. It lasts long enough to get to the bus interchange just outside.
  4. If you live in the suburbs or city, anything you could possibly need is (generally) within walking distance. My flat is 5 minutes walk from one set of shops and 10 minutes from another (and half of that 10 is having to cross 4 lanes of traffic). From here, I can walk to two supermarkets, two chicken shops, two news agents, two bakeries, a post office, four ATMs (possibly more I haven’t seen yet), Subway, Pizza Hut, Target, a post office, a doctor’s office, a butcher, a fruit & vegetables shop, at least two chemists (pharmacies), a thrift shop (where I’ve bought lots of stuff, from a bath mat to clothes pins) and much more that I haven’t explored yet. And two bus stops, so who needs a car?
  5. Koorong. This is one of two chains of Christian bookstore in Australia (I think two; the only other one in Adelaide is Word Bookstore). Mountains of books. The music section could use a little help, but since it’s generally $30 for any CD here, I haven’t bothered with that yet.
  6. DIY (do it yourself) TV shows, where they take a room or a house or yard or something and renovate it within a few days, with a set budget. I like seeing what people can do on limited funds.
  7. Fasta Pasta schnitzels. Actually the menu calls it “veal parmigiana,” but that’s too fancy a name for my liking.
  8. I don’t get bombarded with over-the-top news reporting about the same thing over & over & over again. Example: Yesterday was September 11th. I barely heard any news reports about memorials or reflection or anything else. Okay, so that’s partly because I don’t have a radio and I don’t bother watching daytime TV, but even if I did, it wouldn’t be every news show devoting their entire airtime to the event.
  9. The flat I’m living in has the quickest drains of anywhere I’ve ever lived.
  10. When it’s not raining or cloudy or windy, the weather is really nice.