Ten things I DON’T like about Australia

  1. South Australia’s laws on trading hours. Means that most places close at 5 pm every night (except Thursday, then it’s 9 pm) and are closed Sundays. It’s slowly getting better, but it’s a pain in the neck after living within driving distance of a 24 hour Wal Mart & 24 hour supermarket.
  2. The water at my flat is gross. It tastes overly chlorinated. So I’ve been drinking bottled water instead.
  3. Since most houses don’t have central heating, it actually feels colder here a lot of the time at 50 (10 C) than it does in Wisconsin at 20 (-7 C).
  4. A few of my favorite things aren’t sold here: American cheese, Little Debbies, Welch’s strawberry soda, cheddarwurst, Kraft Mayo (they do have *A* Kraft Mayonnaise here, but it’s not the same at all), and most importantly, MY BRAND OF SHAMPOO! So I’ve been testing a couple brands, and they seem to work for the first week, but a few days after that, my hair starts to get tangled & not feel right.
  5. Adelaide really sucks for job hunting.
  6. I still haven’t seen Gilmore Girls or Ed on any of the whopping five TV channels Adelaide gets. Heck, even Sydney & Melbourne only have 6 or 7.
  7. Employers who say they’ll contact you, but never do. Or conveniently “forget” to contact you again after they’ve found out you’re 5-6 years older than the people they normally employ.
  8. The wheels on shopping carts (trolleys) are ALL free to spin, instead of having the rear ones fixed. So your cart basically has a mind of its own and will go wherever it wants.
  9. When you’re driving along a road, often, only the side streets are marked with signs. So if you don’t look when you turn onto the road, or remember from the last time you travelled on it, you don’t know the name of the street you’re on.
  10. Have I mentioned the whole job situation?

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