Sometimes miracles DO happen.

Today we got a letter in the mail from the South Australia police department. My first thought was “If he’s gone through a red light camera, I’m gonna smack him.” That’s how you can tell we’re really married. 😉

But such was not the case. It was a little over thirteen months ago when this house was last broken into. Darrin’s laptop and my CDs and DVDs that I’d left here were stolen, and a bunch of Darrin’s CDs were packed up in a box and a plastic bag on the floor in the toilet (the ROOM people, not the fixture, sheesh!) as if the thief had been interrupted. The police were called, and it was discovered that the vet and the contractors out in front had also been broken into. And so we waited, and waited, and despite one phone call from someone claiming to be a constable from the Port Adelaide police department, and claiming to have our stuff, we never heard anything.

Till now. Apparently the stuff has been found and is waiting for us to claim it. We have an appointment to visit the Port Adelaide police department tomorrow afternoon and hopefully bring home the things we’d given up for a lost cause.

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