Work: The cleaning job lasted a week, and they said the work had “dried up.” Strange way of putting it. Then a week or so after that, another lady at Manpower asked if I could peel pears & apples, so I tried that for a day. My little finger still hurt the next day from gripping the knife (which was a day off), so I decided not to go back for the next shift. I haven’t heard anything else from them since.

Passport: A nice lady at the US Consulate called and told me to send my passport back TO HER and she would fix the mistake. And she did. I now have twice as many visa pages and the correct name in my passport. And a new visa label with my current name on the page next to the amendment.

Kangaroo Island: For some reason this time I feel like posting a “trip-o-logue” like Beth & Kaly have done for some of their trips. Stay tuned, but I warn you: this may or may not actually happen, depending on when or if I feel like actually DOING it. 🙂