So this is the plan.

Remember those nappies I made? Yeah, people kinda like them. I’ve now had at least two people suggest making them to sell, and it’s kinda been in the back of my mind for a while anyway, so I’m going to do it. My mind’s been racing with all the possibilities since last week when I decided to go ahead with it.

The only thing really holding me back up till this point was thinking I didn’t have enough time. But you know what? The housework can wait. And we’re at the point now that I can wash nappies every second day instead of every day, and still have room in the wash load for a few other clothing items. And I’ve been really eager to do some paid work again, but since I’m not comfortable leaving Caleb with someone else while I do it, this is perfect.

So I went to the website I’ve ordered stuff from before, and they’re closed for the month while the woman who runs it moves house. Okay. So wait till March or go to eBay or…wait a minute, what about this other site? Yep, they look pretty good. Let’s run some numbers…whoa. They’re cheaper than the other place. Not only that, but nearly everything can be bought in bulk and even wholesale. I think I’m switching.

So I have enough materials on order to make six fitted nappies; it shipped yesterday. Hopefully I’ll have the package by the end of the week and I can start sewing. If not, then early next week.

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