Slowly getting there…

So. Last weekend I finally made a list of all the baby stuff we need to get. And it’s a pretty long list, but we’ll get there. And I’m working on ways to shorten it so that we don’t need so much ongoing stuff. For instance, cloth nappies instead of disposables. Sorry, I know they’re more convenient and popular and all, but I just can’t justify the cost. I’d rather buy 3 dozen nappies for $60 just once than spend that much every month on disposables. I’m even looking at the idea of using cloth wipes and washing/reusing them with the nappies. And I got a metre of fleece to cut up into nappy liners. Same reason. And it helps the nappies last longer. And having looked at what’s actually in baby formula these days, I’m not even going there. Not ever, if I can get away with it. Why would I buy fake food for my baby when my body can make the real stuff for free without me even thinking about it?

So we’ve already got a dozen nappies, and some baby clothes from a garage sale, and some other clothes & blankets & things people have given us already. And we have a car seat on layby (regular price $299, sale price $179), because this week was “Baby week” at Target. A cot will probably be next. Mini-rant: Why can’t they sell the cot and mattress together? Why do they have to charge nearly $300 for the cot, and then an extra $80 for a mattress? Sheesh.

So. The total amount we’ve spent on baby stuff so far? Under $60. Unless you count the pregnancy books & baby name book I bought months ago, then it’s double that.

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