Six months

And three days, but who’s counting?

So here’s where we’re at. We have a little boy who isn’t so little anymore at 8.3 kilograms (that’s 18.26 pounds for those of you using antiquated measurement systems šŸ˜‰ He’s sitting up for short periods, gradually getting to be longer periods. And it doesn’t seem to bother him when he tips over and bangs his head, but we usually only have him sit on the softest floor (the carpet in the lounge).

He’s also rocking on hands and knees, and watching the cats intently. They’re going to be his motivation for crawling.

No solid food yet, but it may happen in the next couple weeks. I was thinking about doing it this week but there’s been other things going on, and he’s been grumpy (I think it’s the change in weather – sunny & hot to cool & rainy in the space of a couple days), and I want to make sure he’s through this grumpy patch before we shake things up. He has two bottom teeth and they’re SHARP.


Darrin calls this the “roadkill” shot. This is the blanket my mom made for him. My dad’s a truck driver, so of course we have to have truck stuff.


Panda bear, the new favourite toy. Panda gets its own special noise. He seems to go for the soft toys more than the hard plastic ones.


Don’t we all feel like this after a big day out?

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