Sewing update

{mosimage}So in the last week I’ve gotten the sewing bug again, partly because I want to make some maternity clothes, but I have too many other projects half-finished and don’t want to have yet another one sit around for months. So here’s what I’ve done this week:

  • Replaced elastic & made boosters for a couple secondhand Baby Beehinds and 4 Peapods nappies, from someone online. She said they were all useless to her and that she’d give them away for just postage. I figured I could fix them all, and I did. Yay me.
  • Put the back elastic on all the pieces for my next batch of nappies.
  • Pinned the insides & outsides together for the nappies.
  • Fixed one of Darrin’s favourite T-shirts.
  • Made Darrin a new pair of pajama shorts out of another of his old T-shirts.
  • Started picking out the stitching in one of my pairs of shorts so I can replace the elastic. I got interrupted by a little boy who wanted to go to bed.

Still left to do, at least what I can remember:

  • Finish Caleb’s pajama pants, even though they won’t fit him for at least another year or two.
  • Make boosters for some more nappies for Caleb & sibling.
  • Finish off the nappies for sale.
  • Finish off the other wet bags, also for sale.
  • Fix whatever other shorts & T-shirts are sitting around in there, and whatever’s not fixable, stick in the scrap pile.

Projects to start:

  • Pajama pants for Darrin for winter
  • At least one pair of pajamas for me over winter
  • Some pajama shorts for me
  • A few long sleeved shirts for me to be pregnant in over autumn/winter
  • Probably other things I can’t remember

So yeah, that’ll keep me busy for a while….

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